The Power of One Green Vote


Brilliant summary – thanks for sharing it Amy!

Over the last few weeks and months there have been conversations flying around left, right and centre (some notably further afield than others) about people’s voting intentions, political standpoints and thoughts about the current general election campaigns. Whether discussing parties, candidates or policies, the same sentiment comes up time and time again from the electorate: “I like Party X’s policies, but they don’t stand a chance of winning a majority”. “I like what Candidate X stands for but another party have a safe seat here so I don’t think it’s worth voting for them”. “I like the plans Party X have but it all sounds too good to be true.”

Time and time again people are openly discussing that the way they vote on Thursday will not actually reflect their viewpoint.

This, in turn, inevitably leads to the same people, the same parties and the same old, stale way of…

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In recovery from tactical voting


Short Money is a valuable source of vital funds for smaller political parties, and it also demonstrates that no vote is wasted as long as you your party has at least one elected MP.

Newham Green Party

Rachel Collinson, Green Party candidate for West Ham, explains why a Green vote is never a wasted vote

Hello. My name is Rachel Collinson and I’m a recovering tacti-holic.

Four years I skidded along in the surface of politics. I used to vote Labour to keep the Tories out. I dabbled a bit with donating. I did every petition around. Then when that didn’t work, I looked around for some harder stuff. I spoiled my ballot. I voted Lib Dem to get the Greens in.

That was when I hit rock bottom. I thought things were never going to change and sank into deep political apathy.

Then one day a friend told me about tacti-holics anonymous. I finally looked up and saw the vote for policies site. The scales fell from my eyes. I realised I could no longer live that lifestyle, and decided to vote for what I…

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The Green Party manifesto is the most honest of them all. 


Lovely summary of the GP manifesto. Read it with an open mind!



Reading the Green Party manifesto I found myself lost in admiration for the only honest document produced by any political party this week. You should read it, you really should, and you should do so with an open mind and without cynicism. It sets out a vision of an alternative way of life for the United Kingdom that will require a massive change in just about every way we do things. But, instead of pretending, as Labour in particular do, that increasing tax won’t change behaviour but will just bring in more revenue and will continue to feed strong economic growth, the Greens admit that the transitory period will involve some real financial pain for individuals and the country. But the country they would create in the long term – described by asking you to imagine the new way of life and eventually on page 77 by giving you the…

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On democracy, Trident and fear


Very well said Sarah. The unionist parties can’t have democracy just one way – the will of the people of Scotland is just as valid in this General Election as it was back in September. The Labour Party will reap what it sowed back then, and the Tories may have to face up to opposition against a Labour minority government, with SNP and Green support.

Sarah Beattie-Smith

I’ve just watched Alex Salmond and Anna Soubry on the Andrew Marr Show, open mouthed at the astonishing statements coming from Anna Soubry. Below is a short clip of the programme.  Alex Salmond and Anna Soubry

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Great article here from Josiah Mortimer on the gender balance at Westminster. There is potential for some improvement in the new Parliament, but still a long way to go until we achieve 50:50.

PR could help the process move more quickly. Thanks for writing Josiah!

March the Fury

House of CommonsFirst published on Left Foot Forward

With less than a quarter of MPs currently women, a 50:50 parliament seems like a distant hope.

But there are grounds for optimism. Based on polling trends and an analysis of every party’s candidate for the upcoming election, the Electoral Reform Society has predicted that 192 MPs are likely to be elected this May – up 44 on the current 148. It would mean three in ten MPs would be women, the highest ever figure.

Parties are putting forward more female candidates than before, too, with every party except UKIP fielding a higher proportion of female candidates than parliament’s current make-up (see Table 1). And in target seats, Labour and the Conservatives are actually fielding a higher proportion of female candidates than their overall number, meaning they are clearly trying hard to get more women into the House.


This is good news…

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Top 5 reason why Mums (and dads) should not vote UKIP


There are a great many reasons not to vote for UKIP, but here is a useful summary for women in particular, who would be far worse off under a regime which had any kind of UKIP influence.


Its Mothering Sunday and I have made my own breakfast, which has caused me to reflect on if I really want to do anything ever again for my still sleeping daughter. The nature of motherhood is, though, that you will always think of your children, even when you are old and grey and your children have children of their own. Politicians know this and over the years we have been pigeonholed, most notably as “school gate mums” in 2005. Ukip will tell you that the future of your children depends upon you voting for them. That your children can not possibly compete with workers from Europe. I think they are wrong, I think there are some very important reasons why on Mothering Sunday you should look at Ukip and say “No Thanks”.

Number one

I am the sort of mother that has a healthy regard for the safety of my…

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Reflections on the Green Party Spring Conference Liverpool 2015


A great summary of the Green Party Spring Conference, courtesy of William Quick. Nicely summarised William!

A Green Trade Unionist - In Bristol

Having joined the Green Party in October at the start of the ‘GreenSurge’ (more than just a really successful hashtag – says Natalie), and getting very active in my local party, I had been eagerly awaiting this years spring conference. This would be my first political conference of any kind, and I was pretty excited.  I was not disappointed.

The feeling of being a part of something on the verge of something big (ish) started from Temple Meads station. I got the first available cheaper offpeak ticket. In a nice illustration of how economic determinants effect human behavior it seemed almost every Green in the South West did the same and our carriage was absolutely packed with Greens. It was quiet surreal.

The context of the oft repeated booming membership combined wih the highest polling ratings in 20 years (and the slow but stead accumulation of MEPs and councillors over the parliament)…

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